9.DA100M RUPES Fine Pad

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9.DA100M RUPES Fine Pad 80/100mm x 25mm is the most versatile foam pad in the RUPES BigFoot range, delivering an effective rate of defect removal and capability for high-gloss finishing on most paint systems. Pair with RUPES DA-FINE polishing compound for moderate to fine defect removal, paint refinement, or final finishing after heavy compounding steps.

Width: 80mm-3″ (top of pad) – 100mm-4″ (polishing surface)
Height: 25mm

This new pad provides the same great performing foam material as the current random orbital yellow foam, expanded to also work with gear-driven orbitals, just with a more vibrant shade of yellow.

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Product Details

9.DA100M RUPES Fine Pad 80/100mm x 25mm

Tips For Use

    • Clean pads frequently during use with compressed air, a vacuum, or RUPES Claw Pad Tool to maintain consistent performance
    • Do not over-saturate the pad with compound. Too much compound can lead to diminished performance
    • After use clean with warm water and a mild soap, rinse well to remove residues, air dry
    • Avoid the use of solvent-based compounds and cleaners to prevent damage to the foams cell structure

We are proud of our long-standing relationship with RUPES from Italy. We are one of only two authorised repair and spares agents in the UK. RUPES are world renowned for their dual action, random orbital, gear driven and rotary ranges of vehicle polishers. We also stock a complete range of RUPES sanders such as the long bed SL42AES, SLP41A & the highly advanced Skorpio E.

Looking for the finest vehicle detailing compounds on the planet? RUPES have the solution for every paint type and defect. We stock a complete range of compounds including the brand new D-A range and the highly popular UNO Protect.

9.DA100M RUPES Fine Pad 80/100mm x 25mm.


RUPES 9.DA150M D-A Fine Finishing Pad

RUPES 9DA100M DA Fine Finishing Pad

9.DA100M RUPES Fine Pad

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