NV300 RUPES Niveus Air Purifier

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NV300 RUPES Niveus Air Purifier U15 – 1200m³

The new RUPES NIVEUS professional Air Purifier quietly removes more than 99.9995% of airborne pathogens like Covid-19. Thanks to its compact dimensions and wheels, it can be easily placed in any location.

NIVEUS Air Purifiers can clean environments from 300m³ with 1x NV100 all the way to 1200m³ with 1x NV300. Larger spaces can be cleaned using more than one Niveus. NIVEUS increases indoor air quality, removing and capturing micro dust, allergens, bacteria and virus with the purpose of improving workers’ health. Click here to learn more.

Featuring the highest specification of filtration & 3 steps of purification.

  1. ULPA Filter U15 99.9995% Efficiency (Better than HEPA)
  2. UV-C light system sterilizes micro organisms
  3. Activated Carbon Filter with multilayer structure

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NV300 RUPES Niveus Air Purifier U15 – 1200m3/hhh

Technical Specification

NV300 RUPES Niveus Air Purifier

NV300 RUPES Niveus Air Purifier

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