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REMS Akku-Press: A Comprehensive Review

571014 REMS AKKU-Press 14.4v ACC 2x Batteries, Steel Case & Rapid Charger

The world of power tools is vast and varied. Among the numerous brands and models available, the REMS Akku-Press stands out as a tool that has garnered considerable attention. This blog post aims to provide an in-depth review of the REMS Akku-Press, highlighting its features, benefits, and how it compares to similar tools in the market.

571014 REMS AKKU-Press 14.4v ACC 2x Batteries, Steel Case & Rapid Charger


The REMS Akku-Press is a press-fit tool designed for professionals who demand high performance and reliability. It is a German-made tool that provides fast pipe joining for both gas and liquids. Critically, this method of pipe joining offers fast, effective fittings that avoid the use of hot-works (more commonly being avoided due to risk to business distruption or fire risk)

Features and Benefits

The REMS Akku-Press is capable of pressing up to 54mm pipes (using suitable pressing jaws and adaptors). Offering a wide capacity in jaws, this tool can manage the majority of pipe sizes used in both domestic and commercial installations. The tool is available in various formats ranging from tool-only through to kit options to suit your needs.

One of the significant benefits of the REMS Akku-Press is its ability to make fully watertight joints even with water passing through the pipework. This feature is particularly useful in older buildings where stop cocks and valves rarely fully close.

Comparison with Similar Tools

When compared to other press-fit tools, the REMS Akku-Press is considered a market leader. It is praised for its robustness and reliability. However, it is worth noting that the REMS Akku-Press is a bit heavier than some of its competitors.


To maintain the level of precision of the REMS Akku-Press, regular servicing, calibration, and repair are crucial. This ensures a secure and tight connection every time.


In conclusion, the REMS Akku-Press is a high-quality tool that offers excellent results in pressing operations. Its robust design, reliable performance, and unique features make it a valuable addition to any professional’s toolkit.