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Our extensive range of services combined with over 3 decades of experience enable us to be The Complete Tool Solution for any business.

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    Terms & conditions for repair of tools

    1. All repairs are quoted prior to commencing work.
    2. 'Over the counter' repairs will attract a £10.00+VAT (non-refundable) inspection fee. This fee will be deducted from your final quote.
    3. Payment is required prior to commencing repair (after quote approval).
    4. All prices are quoted excluding VAT.
    5. All tools are dismantled to fully establish cause of faults.
    6. Unrepaired tools (declined quotes) will be returned dismantled or disposed of on your behalf.
    7. If you choose not to proceed with your repair, but require your tool/s returned assembled, a labour charge will be applied.
    8. Electric tools will not be PAT tested unless requested.
    9. Quoted service/repairs awaiting customer action/response will be retained for a period of 6 weeks, then disposed of or sold to recover associated costs.
    10. Tools returned under warranty must include relevant paperwork (proof of warranty) prior to inspection.
    11. Where required, tools returned via courier will incur a shipping charge.
    12. We reserve the right to decline service to tampered or fully dismantled tools