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The REMS Pipe Pressing Tool: A Safer Alternative for Pipe Installations in Sensitive Environments


In the realm of pipe installations, safety is paramount. This is particularly crucial in sensitive environments such as hospitals and schools, where traditional methods like hot work or soldering pose significant risks. However, REMS offers a solution with its innovative pipe pressing tool.

Advantages of REMS Pressing Tools

REMS provides a comprehensive range of pipe installation tools, from threading to pressing equipment, offering several advantages over traditional methods:

  • Rapid Processing Times: REMS tools expedite the joining process, saving significant time compared to solder-based methods.
  • Precision Joining: It’s crucial to calibrate REMS tools to ensure precise joint integrity.
  • Elimination of Hot Works: Many organizations now mandate stringent controls and compliance for hot work activities due to safety concerns. This often leads to prolonged work delays and increased administrative tasks, such as completing Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMS).

The recent approval of MaxiPro fittings for use in air-conditioning installations introduces additional benefits, facilitating improved installation techniques.

In air conditioning installations, the use of hot works presents additional complications, as it’s imperative to prevent the introduction of carbon-based contaminants into the pipework. To address this issue, Nitrogen inserts are employed to maintain a contamination-free environment, adding complexity and expense to the installation process. By utilizing REMS fittings, these challenges are circumvented, resulting in reduced work duration. Additionally, the inclusion of REMS pipe bending tools further streamlines the process and minimizes the need for additional fittings.

Mini-Press ACC Basic Kit – 578014 + Multi-Angle Jaw Kit (MaxiPro)

MaxiPro Fittings Approval

The recent approval of MaxiPro fittings for air-conditioning installations further enhances REMS’ capabilities, enabling improved techniques without the complexities and costs associated with hot works.

Integration with REMS Pipe Bending Tools

REMS pipe bending tools complement pressing solutions, enhancing efficiency and reducing the need for additional fittings, particularly in air conditioning installations where complexity and contamination risks are high.

Specialised Solutions from Power Tool Sales

Power Tool Sales offers tailored pressing solutions for the air-conditioning installation sector, including complete kits and supplementary accessories, facilitating smoother installations with REMS technology.


In conclusion, REMS is transforming pipe installations in sensitive environments through its advanced pressing tools. With efficiency, precision, and safety at the forefront, REMS provides a smarter alternative to traditional methods. Whether in hospitals, schools, or air conditioning installations, REMS tools offer a safer and more reliable solution, ensuring compliance with modern construction standards.

Please note: Always ensure to use professional and certified installers for any pipe installation work.