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    • Buff, wax and wipe without swirls
    • Super plush micro-fibre towel with a none-stratch edging professionals demand
    • Can be used on almost any surface
    • 1 Per pack
  1. This durable moulded plastic cable clamp is the ideal tool for helping you organise the cables on your machines. The ratchet system allows it to fit a variety of cable lengths and widths and keep your cables neatly bundled to avoid any potential damage or trip hazards. The bright red design with white Rupes Logo allows it to be easily seen if dropped, to avoid losing or damaging it.

  2. The BigFoot Claw Pad Tool is a must have pad cleaning and pad removal tool for any serious detailing professional or enthusiast. The innovative design by RUPES features 2 separate functional ends; the brush head can be used to clean foam, microfiber, or short pile wool pads while still on the machine.

    The semi-rigid nylon bristles are designed to dislodge dried compound residues from the pads without causing damage, so that operators can maintain optimal efficiency in their buffing process. The other end of the BigFoot Claw Pad Tool features an innovative wedge, that is used to create separation between the hook and loop attachment point for pad removal, thus eliminating the potential for accidental tears and damage to pads, when pulling them from the backing plate.

    Compact and ergonomic, the RUPES BigFoot Claw Pad Tool fits into a pocket or belt for quick access during the job, reducing lost productivity and prolonging pad life.

  3. 9.45530/100 RUPES Adhesive Disc for Denibbing - 35mm - P3000 - 100pcs

  4. 9.45520/100 RUPES Adhesive Disc for Denibbing - 35mm - P2000 - 100pcs

  5. 58.390/C RUPES Bigfoot Nano Ibrid 12mm Orbit Functional Unit

  6. 581.390/C RUPES Bigfoot Nano Ibrid 3mm Orbit Functional Unit

  7. 562.390 RUPES Bigfoot Nano Ibrid Rotary Functional Unit

  8. 9HB120LT RUPES Bigfoot Nano Ibrid Battery - 10.8v 2Ah

  9. 9HC120LT RUPES Bigfoot Nano Ibrid Battery Charger

  10. 9HP120LT RUPES Bigfoot Nano Ibrid Power Supply

  11. New In
    9.BF9022 RUPES Microfiber Polishing Cloth 40x40cm - 1 Piece

    Yellow microfiber polishing cloth.

    Size: 40x40cm

    Sold individually. Please contact us if 10+ are needed.

12 Items results

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