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Our Dust Extraction Services in Partnership with RUPES

We are excited to announce our collaboration with RUPES, a global leader in dust extraction systems. Our partnership aims to provide superior dust extraction services, ensuring a clean, safe, and efficient workspace.

Energy Saving
High Filtering Efficiency
Safety and Protection
Cost Reduction
Intelligent Technology

Importance of Dust Extraction

Dust extraction is crucial as micro-dust, produced during processes like sanding, can be harmful when inhaled. Our services aim to eliminate this risk, promoting a healthier workspace.

Breathe Easy with RUPES

Partnering with RUPES, we’re committed to providing the best dust extraction services. Our advanced systems ensure a clean and safe environment, letting you breathe easy while we take care of the dust.

Clear the Air, Care for All

In collaboration with RUPES, our dust extraction services are designed to clear the air and create healthier spaces. We care for every individual’s well-being, ensuring dust-free surroundings for all.

Why RUPES Dust Extractions?

RUPES is known for its high-efficiency dust extraction systems. Their systems are designed to work professionally and safely, keeping the workspace clean.

Choosing RUPES for dust extraction comes with several benefits:

  1. Efficiency: RUPES dust extraction systems are designed to eliminate fine micro-dust from the environment, ensuring a clean and healthy workspace.
  2. Advanced Technology: Their systems feature high-efficiency filtering technology and intelligent design, providing excellent extraction performance.
  3. Versatility: RUPES offers a range of dust extraction systems, including air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, and turbines, catering to various needs.
  4. Safety: By removing dust and particulates, RUPES systems contribute to safer working conditions and help comply with health and safety regulations.
  5. Quality: As a company with a long history of innovation and quality manufacturing, RUPES is a trusted name in the industry.

High Energy Saving

The RUPES Dust Extraction System is designed with high energy efficiency in mind. The system’s high extraction performance and energy efficiency guarantee maximum energy savings during the production cycle, thereby reducing production costs.

The central extraction units with an INVERTER SYSTEM manage energy consumption automatically, ensuring high energy savings and high performance in several industrial applications.

Filtering Technology

RUPES extraction units are designed with high-efficiency filtering technology. Thanks to over 40 years of experience, alongside research and development into dust classification and filtering technology, RUPES extraction units guarantee high filtering efficiency (99.5% with dust up to 0.3 µm) and high usage reliability.

The system also features a ROTOR JET AUTOMATIC CLEANING SYSTEM that removes dust from the surface of the filter through a jet of centralized compressed air.

Rotor Jet Automatic Cleaning System

The RUPES Rotor-Jet System, a product of extensive research and development, eliminates dust from the filter surface using a centralized compressed air jet. This automatic filter cleaning system provides:

Direct and localized cleaning of the filter surface with high pressure;
Continuous operation;
Extended filter lifespan.


RUPES extraction units are equipped with filters that have been specially designed and built with a unique metal structure and PTFE filtering material. This ensures:

Exceptional filtering efficiency (99.5% for dust particles as small as 0.3 µm);
Durability over time;
Reduced maintenance costs.

Cyclonic Filtration System

The RUPES cyclonic system, thanks to its tangential inlet, effectively separates dust from the air stream, causing the particles to accumulate at the bottom of the container.

The specified values are denoted in dB (A) as per EN 60704-3. If these values are exceeded, the use of hearing protection systems becomes mandatory.

Safety and Protection

The micro-dust generated by sanding processes is extremely harmful if inhaled by workers. The RUPES centralized extraction system is the best choice to work professionally and safely, keeping the workplace clean and healthy.

Inside each central extraction unit, there are protection and safety devices that constantly monitor the operating temperature/vacuum to prevent faults in the centralized system.

Cost Reductions

A tool connected to a centralized extraction system consumes about 30% fewer abrasives than a tool not connected to any system. Therefore, a centralized extraction system reduces production costs by using fewer consumables4

Decreased Tool Maintenance and Enhanced Tool Longevity

A tool that’s linked to a centralized dust extraction system tends to be more reliable and lasts longer. This is because the dust produced during sanding is instantly removed, keeping the tool and its mechanical components thoroughly clean.

Lower Abrasive Usage

Research has indicated that a tool connected to a centralized extraction system uses approximately 30% less abrasives compared to a tool that’s not connected to any system. As a result, a centralized extraction system helps cut down production costs by reducing the consumption of consumables.

Intelligent Technology

The new 4.0 technology, with interconnected and interactive intelligent sensors and devices that can be managed remotely, has enabled the development and design of new touch screen control panels for managing the extraction unit.

Through this latest generation device, the turbines are constantly monitored and controlled remotely, worldwide, directly by specialized engineers who can see the operating status of the machine in real time, optimize extraction performance according to the customer’s requirements and plan scheduled remote maintenance to prevent faults and to solve them remotely if they occur

3D Design

RUPES provides to customers its know-how and extensive experience in the sector to design and implement customized solutions in order to completely satisfy their needs and requirements. Through 3D technical support it is possible to correctly size the system, thereby guaranteeing excellent extraction performance for each workstation

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