Frequently Asked Questions

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What types of power tools do you sell?

We sell a wide range of power tools including drills, saws, sanders, grinders, and more. Our inventory includes both corded and cordless options. Check out our brands. 

What length of warranty do I get?

In most cases, tools are supplied with a 12-month warranty. However certain manufacturers offer extended warranty periods if you register.

Can you help with advising on low vibration tooling?

Tool vibration magnitude can vary significantly from one tool to the next, so would always recommend conducting a test (based on your normal application) to ensure you are using accurate data.

Can I get vibration data from you for my tools?

Tool vibration magnitude can vary significantly from one tool to the next, so would always recommend conducting a test (based on your normal application) to ensure you are using accurate data.

Do you offer price breaks (bulk discounts)?

In some cases we are able to negotiate extra discounts with the manufacturer, that we would pass on to you (this may vary, so suggest giving us a call).

How do I know if the tool is the right one for the job?

If you aren’t sure, please call and one of our team will be more than happy to assist in your enquiry.

Can I buy spares from you?

Yes, in many cases we carry spares here for fast dispatch. We may need to order less common spares, but happy to assist.

Can I open a trading account with you?

We are happy to consider applications (approved after normal checks), however, we may require trading history before approval.

Can I order power tools online?

Yes, all our power tools are available for purchase online. We offer secure payment options and fast shipping.

What are your shipping policies for Domestic UK, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Guernsey & Jersey?

For these regions, please refer to our Delivery & Shipping information page or contact us directly for specific details.

What shipping methods do you use?

We primarily ship via DHL with next-day delivery and occasionally use Royal Mail. However, please note that our suppliers may use different shipping companies when they ship directly to the customer. Rest assured, we work with our suppliers to ensure that your order reaches you as quickly as possible. If you have specific shipping preferences or requirements, please contact our customer service team. We’re here to help!

How soon can you ship my order?

If we have your product in stock and you place the order by 2.00pm, we will aim to dispatch the same day for you.

When can I expect my order?

If we have the item in stock we normally ship via DHL next day (depending on location). However, times may vary if the order is being shipped direct from the manufacturer or other shipping methods.

Do you offer payment plans like Klarna?

We don’t currently offer payment plans for orders.

I can’t see the brand or model of product I want; can you still get it?

We try and list/offer as many products as possible, but we know there are always more options available, so give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist where possible.

Service & Repair

Do you calibrate to UKAS standard?

All tool calibrations (REMS) are conducted under strict controls as set by the manufacturer using specific test equipment that is calibrated by the manufacturer. This does not include UKAS certification, but does include a calibration certificate.

I have a faulty tool, can you repair it?

We are warranty agents for a number of brands (including Chicago Pneumatic, RUPES, REMS & Makita), but are able to offer a repair service spanning most well-known brands

How long will my repair take?

All repairs follow a specific process (as set within our ISO 9001 terms). This includes assessment, quote and then undertaking a repair. As each tool is different in terms of repair, this process can vary, but we will always conduct this process as quickly as possible to keep you up and running.

How much will my repair cost?

Each repair is different, so unfortunately not always possible to offer fixed cost repairs. However, we will always provide you with a quote before conducting any work to allow you to make an informed decision.

Where do you conduct HAV/WBV testing?

We can offer both onsite testing or testing at our Southampton facilities. Contact us and we can discuss best options to support your business.

Is it worth getting my tool serviced?

There are many benefits to regular services that include maximising tool performance, maintaining vibration levels (not servicing can see vibration levels increase), mitigating risk of tool failure when you need it, extend tool life and reduce long term costs, so yes, lots of benefits!

International Supply

Do you offer international Shipping?

No, Our international supply is offered on Ex Works (EXW) terms from our business address. This means the purchaser makes their own shipping arrangements.

Who is responsible for shipping arrangements and costs for international orders?

The customer makes their own shipping arrangements from our shop in Southampton and is responsible for any duties, taxes, or fees at the destination.

What information do you provide to help with shipping arrangements?

As part of the sales process, we will provide weights & parcel dimensions along with Country of Origin and HS (custom) codes to allow you to make your own shipping arrangements.

Will I have to pay UK VAT for international orders?

No, there will be no UK VAT if the items are shipped directly out of the UK.

What payment methods do you accept for international orders?

We require payment in GBP Sterling via bank transfer. Please note that international bank transfers incur a £12 administration fee.

What is the VAT policy for shipments to UK-based addresses?

Shipment to any UK-based address will attract VAT at the standard rate.

How does the order process work?

The customer lists items required including billing and destination address. We will supply a quote that includes the customer details along with product costs and estimated lead times to supply all products. If accepted, we can then supply a proforma for payment (bank transfer) along with HS (customs) codes and country of origin. Once payment has been made, we will process the order and update the customer as soon as the items are ready to collect along with weights and parcel dimensions for shipping. Products are held securely until collected by the customer’s shipping company.

Sanding & Extraction

What orbit should I use?

This depends greatly on the application. In really simple terms, larger orbits tend to enable faster work when covering larger areas (especially flat surfaces). Smaller orbits offer greater control and help with sanding up to edges etc.

What are common orbit sizes?

This depends on brands. Common orbits will be 2.5mm or 5mm (used by Mirka) or 3mm, 6mm & 9mm (used by RUPES).

Random Orbital Vs. Planetary?

Random Orbital uses a system that spins centrally whilst using an offset mechanism. This means that the pad movement is completely random and allows for a broad range of material removal. A Planetary uses a geared system that follows a fixed movement. Due to being gear-driven, these tools offer a faster/more aggressive removal rate, so very good for larger areas.

My abrasives keep falling off the backing pad?

The vast majority of backing pads use a Velcro (hoop & loop) system for holding the abrasive sheets, so the first thing to check is both facings to ensure there is sufficient hook and loop material. If you use an abrasive such as Abranet© please ensure you always use a pad saver. Abranet© uses a single-layer system that can allow the hooks to ‘poke through’ the abrasive and make contact with the material surface. This can cause the tops of the hooks to wear off and in doing so, damage the material and critically, lose grip on the abrasive.

Why does my RUPES extraction unit make a knocking noise when it starts?

This is a feature of the machine that self-cleans the filter (dumping collected dust in to the dust bag) that prolongs the life of the filter.

What is the best extractor for me?

Big question! There are lots of options, with features like different filtration, multiple tool functionality, capacity and environment that can all influence your solution. Consider what normal use it would likely experience and give us a call for assistance.

What is an interface pad?

This is a foam barrier that fits between the backing pad and abrasive. These are really useful when doing any sanding over contours (avoids the hard backing pads ‘cutting’ too much over edges etc. Both RUPES and Mirka offer interface options that allow varied padded thickness whilst maintaining ability to use dust extraction.


Can I use different pad sizes on my dual action?

Afraid Not. Unlike Rotary (where you can use different sizes depending on the model), Rupes design their Dual Action tools to be used with a specific pad size*

*The LK900 Mille Geared Polisher does allow two pad sizes to be used (125mm or 150mm).

Which is better; Rotary or Dual Action?

This depends on what you want to achieve. Rotary can cover larger areas faster (often used in Marine or Body Shops), where a Dual Action will give a better final finish.

How many pads do I need to polish my car?

We suggest using 4-5 pads per car (family size).

Why do my pads keep falling apart?

This can be a number of causes. How you remove the pad from the backing pad can cause damage (tearing it off). We suggest using the RUPES Claw Tool (9.BF7001) which allows careful pad removal and a cleaning brush.

Another cause can be heat build-up. This is often caused by overloading the pad with polish/compound or using for too long (another indicator is the pad ‘dipping’ in the centre). Changing pads more frequently will help avoid this.

Can I use Wool pads for buffing?

Wool pads are nice and soft, but actually have a stronger ‘cutting’ capability that foam, so no is the answer. Use a nice quality microfiber to buff of polish or wax.

Can I use one pad type to polish my car?

Possibly! That said, there are lots of variables to consider, so give us a call and we’ll help out in options.

So many polishers! What do I need or can I use with them?

Well, here is a little cheat sheet to help you!


ToolTypeBacking PadPad SizeFoam PadWool PadMicrofiber Pad
FR32Rotary990.01575mm (3″)9.WF90 or 9.BR909.BL80FN/A
LH16ESRotary992.500125mm (5″)9.WF150 or 9.BR1509.BL150F or 9.BL180HN/A
992.600150mm (6″)9.WF180 or 9.BR1809.BL180F or 9.BL200HN/A
LH18ENSRotary992.500125mm (5″)9.WF150 or 9.BR1509.BL150F or 9.BL180HN/A
992.600150mm (6″)9.WF180 or 9.BR1809.BL180F or 9.BL200HN/A
LH19ERotary992.500125mm (5″)9.WF150 or 9.BR1509.BL150F or 9.BL180HN/A
992.600150mm (6″)9.WF180 or 9.BR1809.BL180F or 9.BL200HN/A
992.650165mm (6½”)9.WF200 or 9.BR2009.BL200F or 9.230HN/A
HR81 (Nano)Dual Action995.00130mm (1¼”)9.DA409.BW40N/A
996.00150mm (2″)9.DA709.BW70N/A
LHR75EDual Action990.00775mm (3″)9.DA1009.NW809.MF80
LHR15 (range)Dual Action980.027125mm (5″)9.DA1509.NW1309.MF130
LHR21 (range)Dual Action981.321N150mm (6″)9.DA1809.NW1609.MF160
LK900Geared (Dual Action)980.037125mm (5″)9.DA1509.NW1309.MF130
981.089150mm (6″)9.DA1809.NW1609.MF160
HLR75Cordless Dual Action990.00775mm (3″)9.DA1009.NW809.MF80
HLR15Cordless Dual Action980.710125mm (5″)9.DA1509.NW1309.MF130
HLR21Cordless Dual Action981.710150mm (6″)9.DA1809.NW1609.MF160

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