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Niveus Commercial Air Purification

Niveus Commercial Air Purification

Niveus Commercial Air Purification removes Covid-19 from your office
Niveus Commercial Air Purification removes 99.99% of airborne pathogens like Covid-19. A single Niveus Model V300 protects up to 1200m3/h

Featuring the highest specification of filtration & 3 steps of purification.

  1. ULPA Filter U15 99.9995% Efficiency (Better than HEPA)
  2. UV-C light system sterilizes micro organisms
  3. Activated Carbon Filter with multilayer structure

The independently tested & certified NIVEUS range is fully compliant with the latest European directives for ‘air changes per hour’ whilst capturing everything from micro dust through to pathogens such as the SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) virus.

Niveus Solutions for your office, classroom, library, lobby or gym

Niveus Air Purifiers are ideal for offices & classrooms as they are nearly silent.

RUPES has a long history in managing air quality through a range of high performing extraction solutions. Whether it’s a mobile unit or multi-user ATEX turbine system, RUPES have the answer.

Utilising this knowledge, they have now developed the NIVEUS range of air purification systems.  These mobile standalone units offer ease of placement and many options in both the number of air changes per hour and the size of room to be treated by turning up the flow rate or arranging the NIVEUS modules into arrays. You can be assured of clean air even in the most demanding environments.

Unsure what model is right for you or how many you might need? Don’t worry, our technical team offer a custom design service providing the perfect solution for each location. All we need is room dimensions (a basic drawing showing layout such as doors, windows desk areas etc) along with expected headcount in the room. We will calculate the ideal solution for year-round coverage (yes, the NIVEUS will even filter allergens like pollen).

Providing ground breaking performance, the NIVEUS solution would be ideal for operation in environments ranging from small offices to larger open plan spaces, customer facing/patient areas or even classrooms, libraries and conference rooms. 

The NIVEUS purification system provides excellent value for money, minimising employee exposure to contaminated air and in doing so reduce consequential losses through illness and absence.

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