Hand Arm Vibration Testing

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Hand-Arm Vibration Testing

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Do I need hand arm vibration testing for my business?

If your employees use any kind of vibrating tools, then the short answer is YES.

Industries that can involve hand-arm vibration:

  • building and maintenance of roads and railways
  • construction
  • estate management (eg maintenance of grounds, parks, water courses, road and rail side verges)
  • forestry
  • foundries
  • heavy engineering
  • mines and quarries
  • motor vehicle manufacture and repair
  • public utilities (eg water, gas, electricity, telecommunications)
  • shipbuilding and repair

For businesses, HAV testing provides the information to implement an effective management process

For employees, HAV testing provides information to ensure you protect your personal health through vibration exposure

Hand-Arm Vibration Testing Explained

What does the law say regarding HAV testing?

By law, as an employer, you must assess and identify measures to eliminate or reduce risks from exposure to hand-arm vibration so that you can protect your employees from risks to their health.

Where the risks are low, the actions you take may be simple and inexpensive, but where the risks are high, you should manage them using a prioritised action plan to control exposure to hand-arm vibration.

Where required, ensure that:
Control measures to reduce vibration are properly applied; and
You provide information, training and health surveillance.

Review what you are doing if anything changes that may affect exposures to vibration where you work.

Our Complete HAV Testing Solution

ISO 9001 Certified

Power Tool Sales maintains and continuously improves its Quality Policy and management systems in accordance with ISO 9001:2015

View our ISO Certificate by clicking the download button below:


Record application based vibration magnitude of your tooling along with options to suit your employee usage. We also provide comprehensive report packs along with a choice of asset tags that makes identifying the vibration level easier


Provide a range of options to allow you to review and manage all employee tool exposure. Starting with a simple paper based process using our custom made spreadsheet reporting method, through to a variety of technology options, we are confident in our support systems


Whether it be tool repair or preventative maintenance, we can ensure your tooling performs at its best in both application and vibration levels. We can even plan your desired schedule to keep your time free

What Makes Us Different…

Bespoke Reports

We provide 3 incredibly detailed reports with all the information to fulfil all HSE requirements including images of tools, data sheets & even PPE advice for employees

Site Visit Summary

After our engineers have visited a site, we produce a summary on the entire visit highlighting any areas of improvement, tool advisories or safety issues

Tool Management

We can log, track and manage all your tools with our tool management system, so you will never miss a HAV test or a service. You have the option of adding secure cloud access for your HAV test reports etc. This will ensure you retain historical data for reference

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