9.BF150FM RUPES Microfibre Fine

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9.BF150FM RUPES Microfibre Fine Pad 130/150mm

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9.BF150FM RUPES Microfibre Fine Pad 130/150mm

Microfibre pads main advantages compared to “standard” foam pads:

  • Microfibre features substantially more surface area per square in/cm compared to foam materials or more conventional fibres like wool.
  • The firm polyurethane moulded substrate provides a consistent support behind the microfibre textile for better levelling of defects.

Recommended applications for Microfibre Pads:

  • On hard paints.
  • Paint with severe defects or deeper scratches.
  • In situations where faster defect removal is desired.

Applications not recommended for Microfibre Pads:

  • Under-cured or on fresh paints
  • Gel coat due to the high rate of pad loading (material removal clogs pad prematurely)
  • Thin paints where the microfiber could be too aggressive

9.BF150FM RUPES Microfibre Fine Pad

9.BF150FM RUPES Microfibre Fine

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