9.BRFINE250 RUPES Rotary Fine Compound – 250ml

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The BigFoot polishing compounds for rotary polishers are specifically designed for RUPES LH19E rotary polisher maximum efficiency. they are paint shop safe and suitable for any car paint, refinish or OEM. They are the ideal product to obtain the correct mix of fast cutting and good finish. The Fine Rotary is specifically formulated for perfect finishes on particularly hard clear coats. This fine water-soluble abrasive compound is ideal for totally eliminating paint defects and for a hologram-free final step of spot repair, following the micro abrasive nib removal process.

BigFoot abrasive compounds are the result of in-depth studies and research and consist of high quality abrasive mixes, all silicone free. They require a unique formula to assure that the product has the perfect combination of viscosity and aggressiveness. These unique compositions result in a product whose consistency delivers the best possible solution for uniform distribution on the polishing pad.

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Product Details

Yellow – FINE for finishing processes

  • A special fine abrasive for light defects and scratches.
  • It ensures depth of colour and deep reflections combined to high gloss.
  • Used in combination with the yellow foam pad.

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9.BRFINE RUPES Rotary Fine Compound - 250ml

9.BRFINE250 RUPES Rotary Fine Compound – 250ml

£8 Excl. VAT