9.BRULTRAFINE250 RUPES Rotary Ultra Fine Compound – 250ml

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In the world of paint correction, there are varying levels of finish quality demanded by technicians as well as their clients. At the highest level finishes are fully corrected, then polished to an even more dazzling level of gloss, depth, and reflection. It is this last few percentage points of finish quality that are typically the hardest to achieve, but thanks to RUPES Rotary Ultra-Fine Polish skilled detailers can produce Concours level finishes and the highest possible levels of reflectivity and gloss possible.

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Specialized ultra-fine abrasive particles formulated in our own proprietary blend pair perfectly with the colour-coordinated RUPES White Rotary Foam pads to refine surfaces to their highest finish quality while enhancing gloss and depth of colour. RUPES Rotary Ultra-Fine Polish has been specifically formulated for the unique conditions created by on-centre rotary movement and has been tested extensively to produce stunning results. The Rotary Ultra-Fine Polishing Compound is also highly effective on delicate or extremely soft paint systems where other abrasive technologies may cause haze or introduce damage.

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9.BRULTRAFINE250 RUPES Ultra Fine Rotary Compound

9.BRULTRAFINE250 RUPES Rotary Ultra Fine Compound - 250ml

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