Desoutter DR300-T2000-T6-360 Angle Drill (Collet Attachment)

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Durability (Long Life Bearings & Aerospace grade aluminium housing)
High Stall Torque (5 Blades Motor)
No Hand Stress (Ergonomic Grip)
Reliability (High Quality Gears)
Accuracy (Progressive Trigger)
Low Noise (Efficient Silencer)
Durability (Long Life Bearings)
Easy maintenance

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Product Details

Delivered with collet Ø6.4mm (1/4″) (P/N 19182)
Delivered with Safety lever (P/N 2050502883)
Delivered with 2 flat wrenches 10mm (P/N 82623)

Technical Specification

Part number6151761060
DescriptionCollet attachment
Free speed2000 rpm
Power300 W
Stall torqueSafety Lever start Nm
Spindle or chuck type360
Chuck size5.4 mm
Handle type1/32 - 1/4
Operation1 - 6.4
Net weight0.82 kg
Length287 mm
Actual air consumption9.5 l/s
Air inlet thread size0.25 "
Air inlet thread size0.25 BSP
Min. hose size6 mm
Sound pressure75 db(A)
Vibration (ISO-8662-6)<2,5 m/s²

Desoutter DR300-T2000-T6-360 Angle Drill

Desoutter DR300-T2000-T6-360 Angle Drill (Collet Attachment)

Drill Angle

Free Speed

2000 – 3000 RPM

Chuck Size

£ Excl. VAT

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