M007RVR374BR6 Air Motor

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M007RVR374BR6 Air Motor (Reversible) by Ingersoll Rand
Multi-Vane Reversible Air Motor | Planetary Gear | 0.61 HP | 47 RPM | 152 (lb-ft) Starting Torque | 202 (lb-ft) Stall Torque

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M007RVR374BR6 Air Motor (Reversible) by Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll Rand has been an industry leader in engineering and manufacturing air motors and pneumatic tools. Ingersoll Rand M007RVR374BR6 Multi-Vane Reversible Air Motor is not only compact and lightweight but is also durable and requires low maintenance. It comes with both face and flange mounting options which is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. This air motor produces continuous rotary power from a compressed air system and functions effectively in a volatile atmosphere. The meticulous engineering of Ingersoll Rand M007RVR374BR6 Air Motor enables the prevention of wear and tear of pneumatic tools. It eliminates downtime as well as extends the life of the product used with it. Ingersoll Rand M007RVR374BR6 Multi-Vane Air Motor is coupled with an inline planetary gear and finely tuned vane motor to support a high range of torques and speeds. It also features the ability to start and reverse instantly without overheating which increases productivity exponentially. The M007 Series Air Motor withstands harsh environments and can serve a wide range of applications in the industry.

Type: Air Motor | Power (HP): 0.61 | Power (kW): 0.46 | Speed at Max. Power (RPM): 23 | Free Speed (RPM): 47 | Starting Torque (lb-ft): *152.0 | Starting Torque (Nm): *206.0 | Stall Torque (lb-ft): *202.0 | Stall Torque (Nm): *274.0 | Air Consumption at Max Power (scfm): 33 | Air Consumption at Max Power (scfm): 0.93


  • Durable and compact
  • Low maintenance
  • Instantly reversible
  • Support high range of torques and speeds
  • Withstand harsh environments
  • Face and flange mounting options
  • Ease of service

Made in USA: 

M007RVR374BR6 Air Motor

M007RVR374BR6 Air Motor

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