Mirka Gold Grip 150mm Sanding Discs – Multihole

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Mirka Gold Grip Discs (Velcro backed) Mirka Gold is an all-round product known for its versatility and quality finish. The new multihole Gold 150 mm discs have37 holes for coarser grits and 121 holes for finer grits. The new multihole pattern reduces clogging of the abrasive surface,increases the speed of cut and produces an improved surface finish. The multihole pattern improves performance by increasing dust extraction capabilities compared to traditional paper abrasives.

£37.25 Ex VAT
£37.25 Ex VAT
£37.25 Ex VAT
£37.25 Ex VAT
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Automotive Refinishing
Construction & Decoration
Wood Processing
Composites Processing
Do It Yourself
Marine Industry
Vehicles Manufacturing

Mirka Gold Grip 150mm Sanding Discs - Multihole


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