MKR3000 RUPES Matic System – 3 Metre – KR2A+HB3000+EP3M

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Matic vacuum system, for extracting micro-dust generated during a sanding process or different industrial processes, composed by: Mobile Turbine KR2A + Swing Arm HB3000 + EP3M service terminal.

Design to support 2 users simultaneously;

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Product Details

Excellent vacuum performance;
High reliability (up to 20.000 hours without maintenance);
High filtering efficiency (99.5% with micro-dust with 0.3 [μm] dimension);
Cyclonic pre-filtration system and filter cartridge protection;
Electronic control panel for managing the Mobile Dust Extraction System;
Automatic electric sockets for tools;
Automatic compressed air connections for tools;
Regulated compressed air connection;
Manual and Automatic remote start-up of Mobile Dust Extraction System;
Efficient automatic filter cleaning system with Rotor Jet System;
High safety level thanks to integrated protection devices;
High dust container capacity: 23 [L]
Swing arm’s length: 3 meters.

RUPES MKR3000 Turbine Matic System

MKR3000 RUPES Matic System - 3 Metre - KR2A+HB3000+EP3M

£4385 Excl. VAT

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