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Founded in 1914 and headquartered in France, Desoutter Industrial Tools is a global leader in electric and pneumatic assembly tools serving a wide range of assembly and manufacturing operations, including Aerospace, Automotive, Light and Heavy Vehicles, Off-Road, General Industry.  Desoutter offers a comprehensive range of Solutions (tools, service and projects) to meet the specific demands of local and global customers in over 170 countries. The company designs, develops and delivers innovative quality industrial tool solutions, including air and electric Screwdrivers, Advanced Assembly Tools, Advance Drilling Units, Air motors and Torque Measurement Systems.

Whether it is grinders, collet drills, screwdrivers or DC Assembly tools, we can source your solution. Call us: 02380-315316 / e-mail

  • CP0351ASGEL Desoutter Riveting compression alligator Squeezers
    CP0351ASGEL Desoutter Riveting Compression Alligator Squeezers
    £3,905.75 Ex VAT
  • Desoutter DR450-T4300-T6-90 Angle Drill
    Desoutter DR450-T4300-T6-90 Angle Drill (Collet Attachment)
    Contact Us For Price
  • Desoutter DR300-T1000-S5-30 Angle Drill
    Desoutter DR300-T1000-S5-30 Angle Drill (1/4″ x 28 Attachment)
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  • Desoutter DR300-T5500-T5-30 Angle Drill
    Desoutter DR300-T5500-T5-30 Angle Drill (Collet Attachment)
    £1,184.93 Ex VAT
  • Desoutter DR300-T550-T6-90 Angle Drill
    Desoutter DR300-T550-T6-90 Angle Drill (Collet Attachment)
    £1,257.30 Ex VAT
  • Desoutter DR300-T3000-T6-90 Angle Drill
    Desoutter DR300-T3000-T6-90 Angle Drill (Collet Attachment)
    £1,193.97 Ex VAT
  • Desoutter DR300-T4500-T6-90 Angle Drill
    Desoutter DR300-T4500-T6-90 Angle Drill (Collet Attachment)
    £1,193.97 Ex VAT
  • Desoutter DR300-T5500-T6-90 Angle Drill
    Desoutter DR300-T5500-T6-90 Angle Drill (Collet Attachment)
    £1,193.97 Ex VAT
  • Desoutter DR300-T2000-T5-90 Angle Drill
    Desoutter DR300-T2000-T5-90 Angle Drill
    £1,184.93 Ex VAT
  • Desoutter SLBN012-L1000-S4Q
    SLBN020-L1000-S4Q Desoutter Lever Start – Low Voltage – Clutch Control – Shut Off Electric Screwdriver
    £616.01 Ex VAT
  • SLBN012-A1000-S4Q Desoutter Electric Screwdriver
    SLBN012-A1000-S4Q Desoutter Electric Screwdriver
    £616.01 Ex VAT
  • K912-500-9 Desoutter Straight Die Grinder
    K912-500-9 Desoutter Straight Die Grinder
    £2,226.96 Ex VAT
  • KA16120A Desoutter Sander
    KA16120A Desoutter Sander
    £1,090.36 Ex VAT
  • PL05-10E Desoutter Belt Sander
    PL05-10E Desoutter Belt Sander
    £1,080.54 Ex VAT
  • PL05-10F Desoutter Belt Sander
    PL05-10F Desoutter Belt Sander
    £1,080.54 Ex VAT
  • SC4P-8 Desoutter 6" Random Orbital Sander - External Vacuum
    SC4P-8 Desoutter 6″ Random Orbital Sander – Ext. Vacuum
    £656.99 Ex VAT
  • 6151704370 KA16120A5 Desoutter 5" Angle Grinder
    KA16120A5 Desoutter 5″ Air Grinder
    £1,168.16 Ex VAT
  • SB011-AR1600-S4Q Desoutter Pneumatic Screwdriver
    SB011-AR1600-S4Q Desoutter Pneumatic Screwdriver
    £1,050.67 Ex VAT

Desoutter Air Tool Repairs

Our highly experienced engineers are fully qualified in Desoutter air tool repairs and servicing. We can repair all types of Desoutter air tools and are authorised warranty repair agents.

Why Choose Power Tool Sales?

Authorised Desoutter warranty agents
Fully equipped modern workshop
Three month warranty on all repairs
Official Desoutter parts used on all repairs
Quick turnaround times
HAV Testing

Call us on 02380 315 316 or fill out the repair form below

Authorised Desoutter Distributor

We can supply the full range of Desoutter tools, spare parts & accessories including specialist assembly and high torque tooling.

Call us on 02380 315 316 or use the contact form below for more information

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      Terms & conditions for repair of tools

      1. Tools will be quoted before each repair.
      2. Chargeable repairs will attract a £10.00+VAT assessment fee which will be taken once the tool arrives with us. In the event of accepting the quote, this will be taken off of the final cost.
      3. Once quote is accepted, payment will be required in full.
      4. All tools are dismantled & checked thoroughly to ascertain problem.
      5. Unrepaired tools will be returned in a dismantled state.
      6. All prices quoted will be Net of VAT.
      7. If you do not want the tool repaired but put back together again there will be a labour charge incurred.
      8. No electric tool will be PAT tested unless requested.
      9. Quoted jobs/repairs awaiting customer action for more than 6 weeks will be scrapped or sold to recoup costs.
      10. Warranty repairs must have all appropriate paperwork.
      11. All returned tools will incur a delivery charge.

      Please box the tool up ensuring it is well packed and send to the following address; –

      Service Department
      Power Tool Sales Ltd
      504 – 506 Portswood Road
      Southampton, Hampshire
      SO17 3SP