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We are a REMS Authorised Warranty, Servicing & Calibration Provider.
All work done in-house. Drop off or Ship us your tool! Questions? Call 02380 315316 or read about our REMS Services.
REMS Pressing Tools must be Calibrated every 12-months.

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    Terms & conditions for repair of tools

    Calibration/Inspection of Jaws £18+VAT each. Any other repair required outside of service or standard repair will be quoted prior to undertaking work.

    1. All tools will be quoted prior to conducting repair.
    2. On acceptance of quote, we will proceed with the repair and obtain payment once completed (REMS only).
    3. All prices are quoted excluding VAT.
    4. All tools are dismantled to fully diagnose cause of faults.
    5. Unrepaired tools will be returned in dismantled condition.
    6. If you choose not to proceed with your repair, but require your tools returned assembled, a labour charge will be applied.
    7. Electric tools will not be PAT tested unless requested.
    8. Quoted Service/Repairs awaiting customer action/response will be retained for a period of 6 weeks then disposed of or sold to recover associated costs.
    9. Tools returned under warranty must include relevant paperwork (proof of warranty) prior to inspection.
    10. Where required, tools returned via courier will incur a shipping charge.
    11. We are unable to accept liability for any loss or damage to tools sent by yourself to us.
    12. Failed collections arranged by us may result in additional shipping charges.
    13. Due to restrictions on courier insurance, we are unable to offer liability/Insurance cover for the collection service (this includes damage and loss).

    • 578622 REMS Mini M10 Cropping Jaw
      578622 REMS Mini M10 Cropping Jaw
      £174.00 Ex VAT
    • 574618 REMS Mini-Press Angled Jaws Kit compressing tool
      574618 REMS Mini-Press Angled Jaws Kit
      £455.35 Ex VAT
    • 578X14 REMS Mini-Press 22V ACC
      578X14 REMS Mini-Press 22V ACC
      £1,439.00 Ex VAT
    • 578014 REMS Mini-Press 22v ACC 2.5Ah
      578014 REMS Mini-Press 22V ACC
      £1,150.80 Ex VAT