574618 REMS Mini-Press Angled Jaws Kit

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574618 REMS Mini-Press Angled Jaws Kit – NEW Multi-Angle Kit! Mini-Press users can now press at any angle within a range of 180° to make pressing against walls, inside shafts and other restricted spaces easier.
Kit includes 3x Jaws: M15 S(PR-2B), M22 S(PR-2B)M28 S(PR-2B)
1x Z8 Mini Adapter for driving angled pressing rings S(PR-2B)
1x Steel case

These M Profile Jaws can also press V-Profile fittings up to size M28

Don’t need a case? Don’t need the M28?
Try our Basic Angled Jaws Kit for Mini-Press!

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Product Details

574618 REMS Mini-Press Angled Jaws Kit – The Solution to Pressing inside walls or shafts and against walls and other tight spaces.
Made in Germany

REMS pressing rings M Profile S(PR-2B)

1x Mini M15 S(PR-2B)
1x Mini M22 S(PR-2B)
1x Mini M28 S(PR-2B)
1x REMS Mini adapter tong Z8 Mini for driving REMS pressing rings S(PR-2B). Suitable for REMS Mini-Press ACC, REMS Mini-Press 22 V ACC, REMS Mini-Press S 22 V ACC.

1x Steel case with insert for adapter tongs Mini Z8 and 6 REMS pressing rings V 12 – 35 S(PR-2B) or M 12 – 35 S(PR-2B) or F 16 – 32 S(PR-2B)

REMS Pressing Tools are quality engineered in Germany. The REMS Mini-Press has a 5-year Warranty when registered with REMS.
It is important to have your REMS Mini-Press and Jaws calibrated every 12 months. PowerToolSalesUK.com do all our REMS Calibration at our Southampton-based workshop. Our Engineers are REMS Approved.

REMS pressing tongs Mini-Press / REMS pressing rings
Very compact design and low weight of the REMS Mini pressing tongs due to special arrangent of the pressing tongs connection (Patent EP 1 952 948). Recesses in the pressing jaws for safe guidance of the connecting plate for offset-free pressing (Patent EP 2 347 862)

Traceability according to EN 1775:2007
Pressing tongs from the tong series F, M, V, SA, B, RN and UP leave a specific mark on the pressed fittings which leaves a lasting record of what tool was used long after the pressing process. This enables the user to check at a later date whether the most suitable pressing tong has been used to make the pressed connection even after the pressing process.

We are a REMS Authorised Warranty, Service & Calibration Provider from our workshop in Southampton.
Book your yearly calibration with us.

574618 REMS Mini-Press Angled Jaws Kit compressing tool

574618 REMS Mini-Press Angled Jaws Kit


£455.35 Excl. VAT

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