576010 REMS Akku-Press 22V ACC

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576010 REMS Akku-Press 22V ACC with 2x Batteries, Charger & Steel Case

Universal, handy power tool with automatic circuit control and pressure monitoring for producing pipe pressing joints for all common pressfitting systems. Li-Ion 22 V Technology. For battery and corded operation.
Pipe pressing joints Ø 10 – 108 (110) mm, Ø ⅜ – 4″
Complete range of REMS pressing tongs / pressing rings for all common pressfitting systems.

With automatic circuit control and pressure monitoring. Anti-vibration system. Secure crimping in seconds. Automatic locking of pressing tongs. Li-Ion 21.6 V, 2.5 Ah battery for approx. 200 pressings Viega Profipress DN 15 with one battery charge.

Basic Pack Includes:

  • 1x REMS Akku-Press 22 V ACC
  • 2x Li-Ion 21.6 V, 2.5 Ah Batteries
  • 1x Rapid Charger
  • 1x Steel Case

*Please note tongs are not included in this kit

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Download - REMS Mini-Press 22V ACC Operators Manual
Download - REMS Akku-Press ACC 22V Parts Breakdown/Diagram
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Product Details

576010 REMS Akku-Press 22V ACC with 2x Batteries, Charger & Steel Case

We are a REMS Authorized Warranty, Service & Calibration Provider from our workshop in Southampton.
Book your yearly calibration with us.

System advantage
Only one type of pressing tongs/pressing rings for all REMS radial presses 32 kN and suitable radial presses of other makes with 32 kN thrust force. All pressing tongs marked by a * have another connection (Patent EP 1 223 008, Patent US 6,739,172) and also fi t the manual radial press REMS Eco-Press. Thus simple, inexpensive stocking.

Pressing tongs/pressing rings for all common systems
Complete assortment of REMS pressing tongs/pressing rings for all common pressfitting systems (page 182 – 212). Highly durable pressing tongs/pressing rings made of tenacious, specially hardened special steel. Pressing contours of REMS pressing tongs/pressing rings are system-specific and correspond to the respective press fitting system. Thus perfect system conformity, safe press jointing. Adapter tongs required for driving the REMS (PR) pressing rings, see page 212.

Compact, handy, ultra-fast. Drive unit with battery only 3.2 kg. Drive unit with pressing tongs V 15 only 35.5 cm long. Works anywhere, free-hand, overhead, also in particularly tight areas. Works anywhere, free-hand, overhead, in confined areas. Optimum weight distribution for single- hand operation. Drive unit with inserted pressing tongs can be put down on the battery ready to pick up. Ergonomically designed housing and soft grips. LED work light for illuminating the work place. Machine status check. Swivelling pressing tongs seat, rotation angle > 360 °. Secure seating of pressing tongs/adapter tongs by automatic locking. Also for other suitable makes of pressing tongs/pressing rings.

Pressure monitoring
Monitoring of the pressure during the pressing process. Pressure evaluation with coloured LED.

Anti-vibration system
Special drive technology with weight balancing and soft grips for low-vibration, fatigue-free pressing.

Pressing operation by touch-control with ACC
For reliable service, operating and functional safety. Automatic retraction after completion of pressing operation (automatic circuit control).

Enormous thrust and pressing force for fast and perfect press jointing. Thrust force 32 kN. Powerful electro-hydraulic drive with powerful battery motor 21.6 V, 380 W output, robust planetary gear, eccentric reciprocating pump and compact high power hydraulic system. Safety tip switch.

Battery or mains operation
Li-Ion 22 V Technology. Highly resistant Li-Ion 21.6 V battery with 1.5, 2.5, 5.0 or 9.0 Ah capacity, for long service life. Light and powerful. Li-Ion 21.6 V, 1.5 Ah batteries for approx. 120 pressings, 2.5 Ah for approx. 200 pressings, 5.0 Ah for approx. 400 pressings, 9.0 Ah for approx. 720 pressings Viega Profi press DN 15 with one battery charge. Graduated charging state display with coloured LED. Operating temperature range – 10 to + 60 °C. No memory effect for maximum
battery power. Rapid charger Li-Ion 100 – 240 V, 90 W. Rapid charger Li-Ion 100 – 240 V, 290 W, for shorter charging times, as accessory. 220 – 240 V/21.6 V, 15 A, voltage supply for mains operation instead of Li-Ion battery 21.6 V, as accessory.


576010 REMS Akku-Press 22V ACC Basic Pack

576010 REMS Akku-Press 22V ACC

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