HLR21/BAS BigFoot iBrid polisher HLR21 with iBrid Technology-18V 5,0Ah Li-Ion battery

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The BigFoot iBrid polisher is a compact, user-friendly device designed for precision and control. It features an innovative in-runner brushless motor that delivers maximum power output and superior ventilation. The advanced gears, powered by cutting-edge polymer solutions, reduce noise and vibrations, ensuring stability and precision. The device includes an LED indicator for easy monitoring of the device’s status and battery life. Its high-capacity battery ensures prolonged operation and quick recharge times. This polisher is a perfect blend of performance, durability, and innovation, designed to deliver flawless results.

Volt DC18V
Battery life time30 – 40 min
Charging time50 – 55 min
R.P.M.3000 – 4400

Rupes Ø150 mm (6 inches) backing pad 981.710 Bigfoot HLR21 iBRID

The Rupes Backing Pad 981.710 is another remarkable accessory meticulously designed for superior polishing performance. Like its counterpart, it offers exceptional durability without polyurethane. The lower center of gravity ensures stability during operation, while the rubber edge protects delicate surfaces. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a hobbyist, this backing pad guarantees balanced performance across various polishing pads.

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Product Details

Redesign and User Comfort: The BigFoot iBrid polisher has been redesigned for enhanced efficiency and user comfort. It boasts a more compact form, simplifying handling and maneuverability during operation. The improved design also places a strong emphasis on vibration reduction, delivering a smoother and more comfortable experience that ensures precision and control throughout each task.

Innovative Feature: Experience unparalleled precision, durability, maneuverability, and cutting capacity with this innovative feature. Benefit from reduced friction and heat, enabling effortless operation and extended usage. Seamlessly tackle any surface with the enhanced rotation, unlocking limitless possibilities for flawless results.

In-Runner Brushless Motor: This cutting-edge motor design redefines efficiency with its unique feature of no engine housing, allowing for superior ventilation and maximum power output at 350W. Get ready to experience the future of motor technology, where performance and innovation seamlessly converge.

New Gear Technology: Powered by the most advanced polymer solutions, the new advanced gears are meticulously designed to reduce noise levels during polishing operations. With a focus on reducing vibrations, the new gears deliver exceptional stability and precision, enabling you to maintain complete control over your polishing movements.

LED Indicator: This innovative feature serves as a valuable tool for monitoring your device’s status. When it comes to battery checking, the LED light strip communicates crucial information seamlessly. A slow blinking pattern signals low battery levels, ensuring you’re always aware of when it’s time for a recharge.

Battery Power: Experience unrivaled power and endurance with the battery of the new BigFoot iBrid polisher. This cutting-edge battery boasts an impressive 18V power supply, paired with a substantial 5 Ah capacity, ensuring prolonged operation without interruptions. Its advanced Li-ion technology guarantees reliability and quick recharge times.

Uninterrupted Power for 40 Minutes
 The BigFoot iBrid polisher is powered by an advanced battery system that operates at a robust 18V and delivers a significant 5 Ah capacity. This ensures an extended, uninterrupted operation period. The polisher, designed for continuous use during critical tasks, boasts a remarkable battery life of up to 40 minutes at full power. Its lithium-ion (Li-ion) technology ensures reliable and consistent performance under demanding conditions. With this high-performance battery as its backbone, the BigFoot iBrid polisher stands out as a true powerhouse, consistently delivering outstanding results in the toughest applications.

Intelligent Dual Battery Charger This sophisticated charger is designed to enhance your charging experience, providing state-of-the-art technology specifically suited to the battery cells of your BigFoot iBrid polisher. It smartly prioritizes the battery with the highest voltage, ensuring you always have a fully charged, high-capacity power source ready when you need it most. With the BigFoot iBrid Dual Battery Charger, you can rest assured that your batteries will maintain their peak performance, fully charged and prepared to take on any task swiftly.


Ø backing pads (mm-in)150 - 6”
Ø orbit (mm-in)21 - 13/16”
Volt DC18V
Battery life time30 - 40 min
Charging time50 - 55 min
R.P.M.3000 - 4400
Weight (without battery) (kg-lbs)1,95 - 4,3
Speed controlYes
Overcurrent protectionYes
Electronic switchYes
Led indicatorYes
Ibrid HLR 21 KIT
Kit iBrid HLR2119.HLR21
iBrid HLR2119.HLR21
D-A INTERMEDIATE foam polishing pad29.DA180B
D-A FINE foam polishing pad29.DA180M
Wool polishing pad D-A COARSE29.NW160H
Wool polishing pad D-A MEDIUM29.NW160M
D-A COARSE polishing compound19.DACOARSE250
D-A FINE polishing compound19.DAFINE250
Dual battery charger19HC185LT
Rechargeable power pack29HB185LT

HLR21/BAS BigFoot iBrid polisher HLR21 with iBrid Technology-18V 5,0Ah Li-Ion battery

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