FS30009905 Mirka Polarstar SR Ø 32 mm PSA Micro Abrasive P5 Micron (equivalent to P3000) x 100

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Polarstar SR is the first in a series of new high technology micro products produced by Mirka. It is a high precision sanding material developed mainly for use on spot repairs, such as at car plants in the finessing and hospital area of the paint shop.

Using Mirka’s innovative ‘Defined Mono Layer’ production technology has resulted in an even surface finish that enables quick polishing with excellent results. This manufacturing process is also energy efficient and has a low carbon footprint.

The discs can be used for both machine and hand sanding operations and are primarily designed for wet sanding mode where the abrasive’s strong bonding ensures a long working lifespan.

Grit: 5 micron (eqv. to p3000)
Quantity: 100

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Product Details

Polarstar SR is the perfect finessing material for the correction of small painting defects and the removal of dust particles in topcoats and clearcoats. The discs are used in wet applications, by machine or by hand.

Suited For: Automotive Refinishing, Composites Processing & Vehicle Manufacturing

Suitable Materials: Paint Sanding & Lacquers

Technical Specification

AdhesiveWater resistant PSA
GrainAluminium oxide
BackingPolyester film
ColorPale yellow (SR3), Mint green (SR5), Lilac (SR7)
CoatingDefined mono-layer coating technology
Release paperPaper with printed id/traceability information
BondingResin over resin
Grit range3 micron (eqv. to 5000), 5 micron (eqv. to 3000), 7 micron (eqv. to 2500)

Mirka Polarstar SR 32mm PSA P5

FS30009905 Mirka Polarstar SR Ø 32 mm PSA Micro Abrasive P5 Micron (equivalent to P3000) x 100


£19.76 Excl. VAT

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