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RUPES iBrid Nano Sander with Q-Mag Technology

RUPES iBrid Nano Sander with Q-Mag Technology

RUPES are proud to announce the release of the new exiting iBrid Nano Sander with Q-MAG Magnetic Technology, a completely new and innovative concept by RUPES that introduces a revolutionary solution for the sanding of all painted surfaces, wood, plaster composite materials, and more. The Q-MAG iBrid Nano provides reliability and comfort and ease of operation for any process where spot, isolated, or edgework sanding is required.

The revolutionary new Q-MAG technology featured on the Q-MAG iBrid Nano allows for quick changes of the backing pad using a proprietary magnetic engagement system to attach one of the two included backing plates. With a simple hand gesture, the backing plate can be easily removed, or repositioned, without the need for any additional tools complicated processes. This design makes the Q-MAG Nano an incredible solution for countless applications in both the automotive and industrial markets.

Once again RUPES raised the bar to a new level in the field of professional sanding and polishing tools!

  • HRM83 RUPES iBrid Nano Q-Mag BLX Kit
    HQM83/BLX RUPES iBrid Nano Sander with Q-Mag Magnetic Technology BLX Kit
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