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RUPES announces new compound & polish sample pack!

  • 9.TSKITA RUPES Compound/Polish Sample Pack
    9.TSKITA RUPES Compound/Polish Sample Pack
    £15.00 Ex VAT

Whether you are new to detailing or an accomplished DIY enthusiast, this new RUPES sample pack is a great way to try the RUPES products that professionals know and trust.

This kit contains four 125ml bottles of RUPES’ most popular polishing compounds from the D-A System and UNO ranges. The Compound & Polish Sample Pack is designed to introduce their polishing compounds to those who may not have experienced the amazing results of the latest high-performance formulas.

D-A COARSE (1 bottle-125ml)
D-A FINE (1 bottle-125ml)
UNO PURE (1bottle–125ml)
UNO PROTECT (1 bottle–125ml)

If you are just starting out or you are a DIY detailer wanting to progress, we have the knowledge, products and after-sales service to help give you the best results.

We know how much you enjoy detailing your car. How it can be therapeutic, relaxing and fun but it is also a great way to protect your investment in your car.

One of our customers, Alex, recently posted about these benefits. He says regular detailing will…

…maximise the value of your vehicle, stop road contamination build up and other nasties sticking to the paint work. Over time iron builds up on the paint work which causes rust spots and this can later lead on to cause bigger areas to rust, salt build up over time causes rust and corrosion, your vehicle is your 2nd biggest investment after a house so why would you allow your vehicle to devalue and lose its look? That’s just a couple things… I could go on for ever. Summer is coming what are you waiting for?

Alex Elliott – A9 Valeting (Please check out his fundraiser for mind)