HLR75 RUPES Mini Polisher iBrid

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HLR75 RUPES Mini Polisher iBrid

  • 5 speed settings coupled with a progressive trigger/paddle system
  • Battery & corded functionality (cord adapter arriving shortly after launch for purchase if required)
  • 18v 2.5Ah Li-Ion batteries with 35-40min battery life
  • 35 min charge time 0-100%
  • Body – 1.1KG, Battery – 0.36KG giving total weight of a little under 1.4kKG
  • 12mm orbit
  • New gear system to ensure torque levels are maintained in operation.
  • Brand new brushed motor, offering extended brush wear times
  • Can be operated with 1 hand

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Product Details

HLR75 RUPES Mini Polisher iBrid

The new BigFoot Mini iBrid HLR75 Polisher represents the future in the evolution of RUPES tools with iBrid Technology.

The 12mm orbit and the Ø 75mm backing plate make it the best solution for difficult shapes and for spot repair operations; a must for any detailer wishing to obtain perfect results, even in the most difficult areas.

The new iBrid Technology concept, already featured on the BigFoot iBrid Nano Polishers and the Q-MAG iBrid Nano Sander, increases process efficiency and optimizes the user experience, providing more versatility for the operator, thanks to the functionality as both battery-powered and cord powered tool.

The HLR75 also features optimized ergonomics, which make it comfortable and easy to use, while the innovative design provides incredible manoeuvrability and balance to guarantee precise and efficient polishing results.

The innovative iBrid Technology, already featured on the iBrid Nano polisher and the Q-MAG iBrid Nano sander, allows the RUPES iBrid tools to be configured to run on either battery or corded power, providing the user with even more versatility during any operation.

Modern lines and exceptional technical quality combined with a number of details are the results of in-depth studies and research aimed at achieving maximum operator comfort.

Fully compatible with the existing DA100, BW100 & MF100 consumable range.

Can be operated with 1 hand.

Technical Specification

Ø Orbit (mm) 12
Voltage VDC (Volt) 18
R.P.M 3000-5500
Battery Life ~35/45min
Charging time ~35min
Electronic speed control
Overcurrent protection
Soft Start
Led indication
Dimensions ( mm) 240x144x80*
Weight (kg) 1,1*
*Measured without battery pack and power supply.

HLR75/STB RUPES Mini Polisher

HLR75 RUPES Mini Polisher iBrid

Backing Pad Size

Polishing Movement


Tool Only / Kit

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